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Cancer does not age discriminate

Mission Achievement

In order to empower young women and as part of our education mission, we are currently running a “College Outreach” Campaign throughout 4 counties of Southern California.

Our goal is to change the “wait and see” approach that many young people have about breast cancer and empower them to be in charge of their own destiny.

College Outreach

College is a unique time in life where many young people have the opportunity for the first time to make their own health decisions. We believe that prevention of breast cancer starts here.


What are your individual breast cancer risk factors?

What are ALL the screening options available to me?


Steps you can begin taking now to lower your risk of developing breast cancer (ex: regular exercise, monitoring alcohol consumption, breastfeeding)

Getting screened early

Seminars & Presentations

Here are some samples of our past seminars:

  • Current advances in breast cancer research
  • Simple ways to lower your breast cancer risk
  • Screening exams: Ultrasound, Mammogram, MRI, and Self-exam
  • Managing Stress
  • BRACA testing
  • Nutrition

Subsidizing Screenings

The Helen Knoll Foundation wants to make sure all women have access to early detection screenings regardless of their financial situation. Screening Info