Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

What is the Ambassador Program?

Help us fight breast cancer through our ambassador program. The Ambassador Program provides students or organizations with the education and resources they need to advocate for breast cancer awareness and prevention. With your help, we wish to replicate the program across organizations in the United States to save more women from breast cancer.

Our Events

Spirit Pack – If you have school spirit, this is the event for you! The Helen Knoll Foundation will help you create a custom spirit pack for your next school event. This includes things like pom-poms and shirts in your school colors, flyers, posters, and information on breast cancer prevention.

Bunco for Boobs – Bunco with the girls is a great way to socialize, relax, and have a good time! The Helen Knoll Foundation will help facilitate the game so you can focus on having fun.

D3 Blood Drive – Recent studies have shown a connection between healthy vitamin D3 levels (60 ng/ml) and a reduced rate of developing certain cancers like breast cancer. Our D3 blood drives help people donate their blood while getting their Vitamin D3 levels checked. Healthy D3 levels can reduce your chance of getting breast cancer by over 50%!

Jersey Fundraiser – A great way to raise money to support our cause is through jersey fundraisers. Head to a local sports bar for the next NFL game and place your bet! We will host the event and provide cash prizes and team merch to create a fun, exciting environment while educating the public on breast cancer prevention.

Food fundraiser – Connect with a local restaurant to help fundraise for the Helen Knoll Foundation. Many restaurants have programs where a portion of the money spent goes directly to a non-profit. Become an Ambassador Today If you’d like to learn more about any of these programs and would like to partner with the Helen Knoll Foundation, please reach out to David Knoll at